Practice helps your writing craft, writing skills grow

Practicing your writing helps you become more skilled as a writer — and it can make your writing income grow as well. I’ve found an excellent writing resource that I may have mentioned before, but I think it deserves a serious look for any of you who are serious about any sort of career as writers.

I’m referring to the website/blog site of Dean Wesley Smith, a writer whose work and instruction I am coming to love. He’s been incredibly helpful, wonderfully inspirational, and highly entertaining.

One of the many words of advice Dean frequently offers is the importance of writing itself as “practice” and training for, uh, well — writing. He often mentions those who worry about throwing out writing and starting over again. Such worries take the form of “Oh, my, I’ve just
wasted three weeks on a chapter that I’m going to have to toss. What a waste!”

Not a waste, Dean would say, but rather it was exceedingly worthwhile PRACTICE. More than once, he compares writers to musicians and singers. No one would learn to play basic scales on the violin then immediately play Carnegie Hall, would they? No, they’d spend hundreds of hours on their instrument before ever hoping to reach a major concert venue.

Yet we writers groan and moan over “wasted” writing that we may need to toss out — instead of understanding and applying the concept of practice to our writing. NOTHING we ever write is truly wasted, Dean says, as all of it is a learning process.

I encourage you to go to Dean’s website and poke around awhile. He’s a true “pro” with several hundred novels and hundreds of short stories (both traditionally published and indie published) to his credit. It’s well worth your time and will offer truly useful tips for doing your writing right.

Chromebook may be just what you want as a writing tool

NOTE: This review of chromebooks was written several years ago, but much of the information is still accurate and relevant to most of today’s chromebooks. Overall, prices have gone up. And there are some new features that may have been added, so consider each chromebook carefully if you’re seeking to buy one. Attention all you […]

Getting excited about my new eBook for writers, several copies sold

Sales are starting to grow for my new Kindle eBook, “200 Original Story Prompts to Jump-Start Your Writing.”

Published my first Kindle ebook for writers: 200 Original Story Prompts

Buy my newest Kindle ebook for writers, 200 Original Story Prompts to Jump-Start Your Writing

Review of Scrivener for Windows writing software: I use it, love it

I’ve mentioned Scrivener writing software before. The Windows version of it (I have only Windows computers, so I won’t speculate about the Mac version) came out of beta testing several months ago and currently is at version as of this writing. Which is what Scrivener does very well — WRITING, that is.

Take advantage of knowledge, contacts at Kindle Boards website

If you’re at all interested in electronic books, self-publishing, “indie publishing,” or any of the many other changes going on in the writing and publishing universe — you really need to take advantage of the huge amount of knowledge and the many wonderful contacts you can find at the Kindle Boards website.

Writers must love, or learn to love, language if they are to write well

Writers need to love language, everything about language. If you don’t find grammar, usage, words, word play, even spelling fascinating, chances are you’re not doing as well at being a writer as you might like. When it gets right down to it, words and all aspects of language — in my case the English language, […]

Kindle publishing provides serious income for many writers

It turns out the Kindle publishing platform offered by Amazon is playing a very large role in creating a living income for quite a few authors, according to a recent review by independent publisher/writer Robin Sullivan. And although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the lady, I understand from what I’ve read that she […]

Print publishing moves closer toward The End — or not

The revered print publishers which have kept the book industry alive for the last couple of hundred years may be moving closer toward “the end” — or maybe not. Whatever the future holds, it’s looking good for ebooks and not so good for hardcovers/paperbacks. As an avid follower of Joe Konrath’s blog, “A Newbie’s Guide […]

Good writing is not technology, but technology may help

I was working diligently to try to put in my daily quota of written words this morning and took a break to read some writing tips from mystery writing master Larry Block. For all of us “oldsters” (I absolutely HATE that word) out there, Block is one of the masters of good fiction, and someone […]

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