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Advantages of affiliate marketing for all you writers out there

There are some real advantages to affiliate marketing for all of you writers out there who want to do some blogging or other website writing, and use that to bring in a bit of cash to help pay the bills. I’m sure many of you who’ve been around here often for very long know that the two things I work at trying to pay those monthly bills are writing and affiliate marketing.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing, you will need to learn a variety of online skills, perhaps at least a little bit of PHP coding, some HTML, or at least how to install and use WordPress software. It also helps if you’ve got a little talent at layout and design (although some folks maintain “ugly” websites “sell” while pretty sites just attract sightseers).

Your goal with affiliate marketing is to 1) attract site visitors who are looking for a product or service to which you can direct them, 2) make them see that your site content is something of value to them that they will want, so that they will return, and, 3) “pre-sell” them so that they will click through your affiliate links to the merchant and order or buy whatever product or service the merchant is going to pay you for. (That sounds awkward no matter how I write it. But I think you get the point.)

Here’s the real beauty of affiliate marketing: You carry no inventory. You have no “employees.” You are not a merchant, so you don’t have to replace defective products, and you do NOT have to find any sort of merchant account reseller to set up a way to accept credit cards, etc.

What you can focus much of your time on is — writing. Much of that may be copywriting, as in the sales and pre-sales copy you put on your website to get visitors and those who will click through to your merchant partners. But much of the investment you make in any sort of writing will pay off by improving your writing skills and experience. It’s all good, whether you want to write stunning sales copy or the next best-selling novel.

We are word people. Any successful writer knows that the more millions of words you crank out in your writing lifetime, the more opportunities you have to “get it right” to please yourself, your readers, and hopefully some good editors.