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Affiliate marketing and domain names for your website

I’m not sure why my thinking is on affiliate marketing so much more than on writing these days, but that’s just the way my mind is working.

We’ve been going through sort of a double-whammy of family crises the last week or so, but things are getting better. It becomes very hard for me to concentrate on any serious writing projects with such distractions, so I suppose my head has turned away from my writing right now and toward the marketing. But it really is all related anyway, since my online work focuses both on writing and marketing.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few ideas with you “noobs” out there in the affiliate marketing world about finding domain names for your affiliate sites. Nothing all that profound. Probably stuff you’ve heard before, read somewhere else, or already thought of on your own.

A longstanding practice for affiliate marketers — actually, for any Internet marketers — regarding domain names is to buy an “exact match domain” (sometimes called an “EMD”). That means if you have a keyword or product name you are building your site around, you want to buy a domain that matches that keyword or keyword phrase exactly, if you possibly can. By doing so, you are maybe giving yourself a “boost” in the search engine results. I say maybe, because only Google in it’s great wisdom knows exactly how Google ranks sites.

For example, if you want to grab search traffic from people looking to order checks and checkbook supplies, you might look for a domain like “orderyourcheckshere.com,” or “orderchecksonline.com.” (Not recommendations, just my lame examples.)

And standard wisdom about purchasing a domain for affiliate marketing is to go with a domain ending in “.com” if at all possible; with “.net” or “.org” about equally useful as second choices. The “.info” domain names have gained a bad rap because so many of them were hit by sp*mmers to set up little, bogus sites.

(On the other hand, if your site is mostly informational, it’s not a bad choice to consider “.info,” several of my information marketing friends tell me.)

Anyway, whether you want to be an affiliate for merchants selling guitar strings, kitchen gadgets, mantel clocks, or storage sheds, the “rule of thumb” is to look for a domain related as closely as possible to the products and services you’re seeking to market. Seems to make sense, doesn’t it?