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Affiliate marketing, online writing often seasonal; don’t miss out

For those of you doing affiliate marketing of many products, and those of you doing online writing, you’re probably very aware that such work can be very seasonal.

Yikes! I’m running behind the season myself!

If I could simply spend my time doing nothing but writing on a couple of novels I’m putting together, or writing about life and times of the Old West in America, my life would be complete. (Okay, complete in a writing sense, anyway.)

This year is one of those times when I’ve focused on all that — and failed to keep up with some seasonal writing I should already have done to take full advantage of my affiliate marketing business sites. My income the next couple of months may take a big dip (maybe even a dive) while I pay for what I’ve overlooked.

You see, many of my affiliate marketing efforts involve outdoor living, hiking, camping, bicycling, and other products and services that start to really increase in late-winter or early-spring. Which means that a month or two ago, I should have been more diligent on sites marketing everything from three-person tents to electric grills to folding bikes to — well, you get the idea.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put together some stuff on outdoor furniture and appliances, fun bicycling trips for families, and other outdoor-ish stuff. Probably there are a couple of merchant datafeeds I’ll need to update, too.

If you’ve fumbled the marketing ball, too, my best advice to you is — get to work. I’ll see you back here later.