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Affiliate marketing reviews draw visitors, boost income

Affiliate marketing is as much an art as “science.” No, it’s actually probably more of an art. And one of the best tools you can use for affiliate marketing is to write careful, unbiased product reviews.

People are always seeking information on line, and many of them want reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy a product. Such reviews may 1) draw traffic to your website, and, 2) motivate people to buy — perhaps not on their first visit, but rather if you give them valuable, useful information, they may buy on a future visit.

If you do unbiased, careful product reviews, you’ll tend to draw customers looking for the specific products you are marketing. My son, as an example, is a weightlifter. He knows a TON about various weightlifting competitions, exercises, supplements, lifting gear, etc. He would never waste time reading a blog about weightlifting, but he would go to and return to a site with well-written cell mass reviews and reviews of other insider-type products and services targeted at serious weightlifters.

And the beauty of writing good reviews is that the Internet is loaded with information, both pro and con, about almost any product you might be marketing. That means you can “Google” information to help you write your reviews, find forums with people using your products and/or similar products, and use that information for your review.

No, of course I’m not suggesting plagiarism. All sorts of ethical and practical reasons say no to that. But you can read and rewrite all the information into a useful, traffic-drawing review of your own.