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Affiliate marketing works best if you enjoy, know about products

If you’re interested in trying affiliate marketing as a business model, or if you already are doing affiliate marketing, you need to think about what you’re “selling” as well as how you’re selling it.

Too many people think affiliate marketing is a quick, easy way to make money online. They run all around the Internet trying to find products or services they can market, looking mostly at what they think is the best money-maker and something that’s selling well.

That’s all part of the process, all very important. You can’t market something successfully and hope to attract enough “traffic” to make money if no one really cares about the product or service you’re offering them.

But if you are using your writing skills to add quality content to your marketing site — content that will both attract customers and prompt them to buy — you really need to consider what you really enjoy writing about, and what you know about. Of course, you can overcome lack of knowledge with good research and, as a writer, you should develop the skills necessary to write about anything you need to do the job at hand.

But writing is so much more fun if you’ve got a product you know something about or have some “passion” about. For example, I once set up a site to try marketing baby clothes, baby toys, baby furniture, and I think I even signed on with a merchant offering baby shower invitations and baby shower games.

Looking back on that failed website, I can see immediately that I only ventured into it for two reasons — I like the graphics of cute little kids playing with cute little toys, and I knew some people who were making steady income marketing such baby stuff to young parents.

In reality, I simply couldn’t make myself master the learning curve to write and market baby stuff successfully. Except for a few bucks over a couple of years, the site was a total failure and I abandoned it when it came time to renew the domain.

Market stuff you enjoy marketing. Write about stuff you have some interest in and passion for. Ultimately, you can make an affiliate marketing business out of just about any products and services people are seeking to buy. But you’ll do it quicker and have a heck of a lot more fun at it if you focus on stuff you want to market.