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Affiliate marketing writing exercise for you today …

You cannot make money in affiliate marketing unless you can 1) write, or, 2) hire others to write for you. One reason you see so much discussion on this site about affiliate marketing and writing is that I have spent considerable years as a writer, and in recent years quite a bit of time trying affiliate marketing.

So here’s a little “challenge” or writing exercise for you. In 75 words or less, pre-sell me on a specific brand of pillar candles being sold by a merchant for which you are an affiliate. But before you write your 75 words or less, perhaps we should think a little about what “pre-selling” is and why it’s important for affiliate marketing.

Pre-selling simply means providing website content that turns someone from a “browser” to a “buyer.” As an affiliate, you are not selling products or services. You are partnering with a merchant and the MERCHANT is selling the products or services, then paying you a fee or commission for sending them a customer.

Among other things, many people inside and outside the affiliate marketing industry confuse these points. As a result, if you tell someone you do affiliate marketing for a living — you’ll often get a deer-in-the-headlights stare in return. People do not understand the difference between being an affiliate and being a merchant. The matter is very simple: As an affiliate you do not sell products or services; if you sell products or services you become a merchant at that point.

As a side note, you’ll figure this out instantly as an affiliate when you get email or website feedback from someone who bought a defective product through one of your affiliate/referral links. They simply don’t understand that you are not the merchant, and you can have disclaimer pages by the dozens but they still will not understand or accept that you are not the merchant. It can get sticky.

With all that in mind, take a stab at pre-selling pillar candles to someone who might visit your website. You can assume the merchant has given you access to an image of the candles for your website and basic information about the candles, price, shipping charges, etc.

Your prize if you do this exercise is exactly nothing but the writing experience. Sorry. I don’t even have any marketing “freebies” to give you right now. But I thought it would make an interesting exercise in copywriting for you. See what you can do and feel free to post your 75 words (or less) as a comment for all of us to see. Or not.