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All dressed up in my ‘pretty clothes’ for job hunting today

I got a “hot tip” on a possible part-time job that would add some needed cash flow to my Internet blogging adventures. A local non-profit is looking for someone for three days a week doing office work and some possible publications and proofreading work.

So I rolled out of bed a little early today, went through my initial jitters about job hunting, put on my “pretty clothes” (jacket and tie even), and now I’m about to go through the front door and give it a shot.

I’m telling you this because some months ago I took on the fun of doing paid blogging on this blog and a couple of others. At the time, I said I hoped to use my paid blogging work as 1) a learning experience for me, and, 2) as a teaching tool to all of you seeking to make money writing online.

The lesson was a good one, but not a happy one: If you do paid blogging, Google, the Great and Mighty God of the Internet, will slap you around. Google does not like competition. I’m not current on their rationalizations for it, but I do know they have said anyone putting paid links on their blogs will suffer a loss of page rank for it.

Oh, I think they talk wonderful things about quality content for the Internet, hence they want to police their search engine and give low ranking to those who sell links on their websites, blogs, whatever.

But, really, I think they just hate competition. Google has evolved radically from the happy little search engine everybody loved because it was good and it was fast. Now they are the giant ad agency which swallowed the Internet whole.

So be warned: You can, indeed, make some income doing paid blogging — but it won’t be much and it won’t be for long before Google slaps down your page rank (PR) and the opportunities to do steady paid blogging will go away.

Gotta get out that front door for the job interview. I’ll let you know how it goes.
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One Response to “All dressed up in my ‘pretty clothes’ for job hunting today”

  1. Brent says:

    I’m not sure about the paid blogging bit, but have you considered the danger of interlinking your sites? The “Mighty G” doesn’t always let us get away with that one either. (just sometimes… to confuse us)