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All you freelancers out there — any cheap insurance options?

This is sort of a question I ask periodically on my blogs, especially this blog since it relates to writers and writings more than my other blogs: Any tips for really good, REALLY cheap insurance solutions for freelancers?

I’ve moaned and groaned several times about the difficulties of finding affordable health insurance. Anyone doing well at that? And putting aside all the volatile ideas currently crowding the media about health care reform — any of you have suggestions about good, REALLY cheap life insurance?

Standard wisdom about life insurance in the past was always to check term life insurance rates FIRST, then consider whole life if you only wanted to spend more money. I honestly have no idea anymore about all the benefits, advantages, disadvantages of whole life vs. term life. I don’t know, at my age, how much the whole debate really matters.

So, I’m just throwing the general topic out there: any cheap insurance options you know of for freelancers and others who have no access to employer/employee group policies? Leave a comment and let us all know.