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Another example of terrible writing software … stay away, please

I went through an Internet marketing period when I wanted to create hundreds, even thousands, of WordPress blogs to attract traffic to gain paid clicks on AdSense ads — thus making me a nice income, even perhaps a small fortune. I had been listening to and reading too many “get rich” schemes disguised poorly as “marketing.”

During that brief run, I looked at purchasing some site building and article “writing” software which was guaranteed to create websites and fill them with fresh content that would have Google, Yahoo!, and MSN search engines fighting each other to get through my door. Then I started looking at some of the articles this software was “writing.” HAH! I gave you a quick sample a couple of weeks ago. I was just doing some research today to write about home gyms and Google led me to this. It is so goofy, I just had to share it with you. Here’s a direct quote from a “blog,” which probably is nothing more than one of these sites put together automatically by software that generates articles and websites from keywords. I love the double-talk nature of it. Give it a read:

“Once you have do up one’s minded to buy a home gym, you may posed about taking a closer look at some well-cognised home gyms that are out there on the marketplace. Taking a closer look at well-cognised home gyms is a great thought before you settle down on the one that will work for you and your demands. This demands looking at both some pros and cons of each variety. Which includes weighing these against each other and in the end coming out with a ware that may really work for you and your physical fittingness demands and ends.”

My favorite term in that paragraph is “well-cognised.” I don’t really know what it means, or even if it means anything. But I like the pretentious sound of it. And, if you type “well-cognised” into Google, with the quotation marks left around the term, you’ll find the site ranked number one. Supposedly, that’s a wonderful way to make money with anything, if you can get it as the number one site in a Google search.

So I would imagine that the person who created the site is getting all the business on the Internet for those looking for “well-cognized home gyms.” Uh, whatever that is.

I said it in that earlier post and I’ll say it again here: Please, whatever you wish to do with the written word on the Internet, do not buy or use this junky, overpriced software.
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One Response to “Another example of terrible writing software … stay away, please”

  1. Leader says:

    No autoblogs for you, then? LOL

    If the thought of using those for MFA sites keeps you up at night, consider this: I’ve had affiliates actually make SALES from that kind of stuff!

    BTW, now you’re #2 under “well cognized” just by mentioning it. Congratulations!

    *makes note to add “well thought” to the Do Not Change list*