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Another online danger — beware of scoundrels with software to steal your website

I hope you’ve read the comment which was left regarding a post I did yesterday about the nice looking website I found which I suspect is using OPW (Other People’s Websites) — a take off on OPM, Other People’s Money, get it? — to generate their website.

I had an opportunity to earn a bit of money recently if I would blog about a company which makes software that will allow you to copy an entire website. The pay offered wasn’t great, but I’m easy and generally broke. I turned them down.

There may be some reasons you would need to completely copy your website or even someone else’s, but there aren’t many. If, however, you see a marketing website you like and you’re too lazy to build your own — you can use such software to “clone” the site to your hard drive and steal all the content you want.

I would never suggest someone reading my blog would do such a thing, at least not on purpose and certainly not to “hijack” and pass off as their own. But you never know who’s out there. You never know who would be happy to use your Internet writing as theirs.

What about it? Have any of you had websites or parts of websites stolen and seen them turn up elsewhere with someone else claiming authorship? Let us know.

Seems I’m sort of developing a little “mini-series” here on Internet or website writing and various related issues. Look for at least one more of these rants/rambles, this one related to the whole mystery of “bandwidth” and how you can have yours stolen if you’re writing a blog or any online copy.
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