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Any of you read Anne Lamott’s newest book yet?

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I love Anne Lamott’s writing about writing. I thoroughly enjoy her writing about religion and personal faith, too. Her latest book, “Grace (eventually): Thoughts on Faith,” is about religion and her personal faith.

If you’ve read ANYTHING by Anne Lamott, you know calling her “unconventional” is a major understatement. She’s definitely someone who has lived, thought, and written always outside the cliched box. Her semi-biographical look at writing and the writing process, “Bird by Bird,” is a true classic that every writer should own.

Any of you yet read her newest book, “Grace (eventually)”? I confess the old budget is tight right now and I haven’t been able to afford a copy myself. I do have it on hold through our local library system, and expect it to be coming in the next few days.

I would love to have anyone who’s read it contact me, leave a comment here, write a review of it I would publish here, whatever. As with her unconventional writing “wisdom,” her equally unconventional faith journey has been a real boost to me, personally, and would be worthwhile, I’m sure, for anyone out there seeking a relationship with God.
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