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Any of you writers using netbooks? Any you’d recommend?

I’ve come into a tiny bit of extra money recently and I’m about to take the plunge and buy a “netbook,” a strange breed of writing tools that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Netbooks, as probably everyone be me already knows, are extra-small, extra-light laptop computers. They generally have enough bells and whistles to do email, browse the Internet, do some fundamental writing, and include built-in wireless connections — along with extended battery life.

I’ve found two or three netbooks which sell for around $300, offer more than 8-10 hours of battery life, and weigh just under 3 pounds dripping wet — no, that’s a joke, DO NOT get them wet.

I was seriously thinking of one made by Asus, an Asian company that long has made laptop components and just recently moved into laptops and netbooks. (My wife has an Asus laptop and likes it.) Then I read some reviews at Amazon and NewEgg.com suggesting several people have had bad experiences with adapter cords or power supplies with some of the Asus netbooks.

So I began following lots of good reviews toward Acer Aspire netbooks and Gateway netbooks.

Presently, I’m seriously thinking of laying out the money to buy a ruby red colored Gateway netbook from Amazon. This particular model seems to have the best features and price combination I can afford and has been highly reviewed at Amazon, NewEgg.com, and a couple of other websites I found.

So do any of you writers out there use netbooks? Care to share your experiences, good and bad, and make any recommendations or offer any warnings before I punch the ticket and spend approximately $300 on one of these nifty little writing tools? Thanks for any advice you have.