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Anybody here made any money to speak of doing Hub Pages?

I don’t know whether any of you writers that come here do Hub Pages or not. Anyone? Anyone making money, or making much money, at it?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then obviously you don’t make money building “Hubs.” But I’ll explain what the place seems to be all about and maybe it’ll work for you.

Hub Pages (at http://hubpages.com) is similar to Squidoo, and similar to Helium. Squidoo, perhaps because the odd name gets attention, is the most popular such site, but Hub Pages claims to have a better “click through” or “conversion” rate. Hub Pages allows you to sign up for free and write articles on just about literally anything you care to write on. Assuming it isn’t pornography, plagiarism, hateful, racist, or otherwise illegal, the subject matter is pretty much wide open.

Once you write an article — and they really aren’t very clear on any minimum word length or other guidelines — and publish it, your writing is online for anyone to read. Based on an intricate system of “rating” by the Hub Pages people and the popularity of the article (they actually call each individual article or “Hub Page” a “Hub”), your completed article/page/Hub is given a numerical rating and your standing in the community is given a similar rating.

Here’s the way you make money writing at Hub Pages: Each page/Hub you write displays Google Adsense ads. If someone goes to your Hub and clicks on an Adsense ad, Google pays X-cents per click. The Hub Pages site splits Adsense “clicks” with you, 60 percent to you and 40 percent to them.

Anyone out there doing Hub Pages and making any money at it? I welcome your comments and reactions to it. It seems to be a very legitimate way to make income online. According to various testimonials at the hubpages.com website, people are making hundreds and even thousands of dollars monthly. It seems to me that it would involve a serious, long-term time investment. But since they let you write about just about ANYTHING from home food canning to car insurance to everything around and in between — hey, it’s a fascinating idea.

Weigh in on the matter, will you? Tell us what you think about the site, and whether or not you’re a “Hubber.” (I just registered yesterday and haven’t had time, yet, to put together a Hub.)
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2 Responses to “Anybody here made any money to speak of doing Hub Pages?”

  1. Jason Medina says:

    Hey Gary,

    I just joined Hub Pages today. I’m hoping that I can make a decent income with them, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I have written numerous articles on Associated Content as well as Helium, and I’ve been utterly disappointed by the money I’ve made so far. Basically just pocket change. I have also been submitting some articles to Triond, and the earnings seem to be on par with AC and Helium. Any tips to offer to a struggling, just starting out writer?

    See ya,


  2. Gary says:

    Good luck with your efforts, Jason.

    My single biggest “tip” for your writing career is probably something that I find the hardest to do myself: Write even when you don’t feel like it.

    There are lots of times, like right now, when I don’t really feel like I want to punch another key on the old keyboard — but that’s the only way to get the writing done.