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Anybody interested in a forum for the writers and bloggers hanging out here?

I’ve always given some thought to setting up a forum for writers and bloggers to share their questions, answers, and tales of woe and whoopie. Problem is, there are millions (yeah, maybe really millions) of forums on the Internet for blogging and/or writing. What could I offer that isn’t already done frequently and done better in the way of a forum?

Then it occurred to me: Why not ask the people who hang around here how they feel about a forum for the website? Anybody interested?

Obviously I won’t have time to handle it if there are hundreds and thousands of people who flock to it and sign up. And, frankly, my desire in life isn’t to run such a forum. (I do belong to a couple of such forums and really enjoy them, though.) But I’m sort of interested in the idea of setting one up — if there’s interest in such a critter.

In fact, this blog is “powered” by WordPress software, and I know of at least one WordPress plugin that’s supposed to make it easy to set up a forum.

Let me know. Forum or no forum?

Now I’m off to see what sort of easy poll/survey plugins might be around for WordPress. Any body know of one in particular?
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