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Anybody know — Is there such a thing as ‘blog registration spam’?

Attention all you bloggers out there: Do any of you know of something like “blog registration spam” going on? What would you make of odd, seemingly randomly generated Gmail accounts registering with your blog?

By way of explanation, I allow people to register at this blog, and all are assigned the role of “subscriber,” meaning they have no real access to anything. They cannot write posts, but they can comment on posts or other’s comments on posts.

So why would someone register with an odd, random looking email address such as “xhjvqedlynchlngmwdr@youremail.com”?

Looking through the nearly 600 people who have registered at this blog, I see all sorts of obviously made-up spammy email addresses from sites trying to peddle only V**gra and other sorts of junk pharmaceuticals.

Anybody know why people would come here to register and use phony email addresses? They gain absolutely no privileges or special access when they do so. I have the blog set up with software to alert me to every comment, and requiring me to approve it before it will post.

Do people gain some sort of “link back” advantages having their junk pharmaceutical/s*xual orientation stuff registered as an email address here? If something dangerous or weird is going on, I’d appreciate it if any of you more experienced bloggers reading this would leave me a comment and explain? Thanks for your help!