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Anyone writing for AssociatedContent? How is it working for you?

I mentioned AssociatedContent as a potential opportunity for writers to make some steady income online in a post last year. Have any of you tried it? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a website that invites you to write about — well, just about any topic you can imagine that you’d want to write about. Assuming your article (they also accept videos and audio files, I think) is accepted when you submit it, you can earn 1) upfront payment and/or 2) what they call “performance payments,” i.e., a percentage of their ad revenue earned when people view your content and click on ads AC places within that content.

Pretty simple, it seems. As you can imagine, the “upfront” money is pretty small for content they buy, but nearly every type of paid writing you do online is sadly underpaid.

But the beauty of this site — AC, as it abbreviates itself — is that you get to choose what you’re writing about. Looking at TV deals and want to write a review about what you’ve found out in the shopping process? You can do that. Interested in something like paranormal/ghost hunting stuff? You can write about that, too. Are you a specialist or authority in a particular subject matter? Yup, there’s plenty of room for that at AC.

I’ve determined I’m going to go there first thing tomorrow morning and publish my first AC content. With a bit of steady effort, I think I could easily eclipse my “earnings” from this site and my other blogs.

What’s been your experience with AC? Care to leave a comment and tell us about it?