As a writer, what do you prefer — laptop or desktop, or do you have both?

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There was a time when buying a laptop computer was only a dream or a some-day-when-I-succeed goal for writers. Those of you new to the business will have to trust me on this: Any sort of portable computer, notebook computer, laptop computer, whatever, was extremely expensive, very limited in features, and very awkward to use.

My first “laptop,” was a Sharps computer with a 20 meg hard drive (yes, MEG, not gig) and a “floppy drive” that used the 3.5 inch diskettes and attached to the computer itself with a sort of pop-in, screw-in interface. My current laptop is a Toshiba that I’ve had about three years now and is far from cutting edge in features, but WAAAAYYY more than adequate for writing, accessing the Internet, blogging, and building websites.

And over the years I have found this to be universally true in my experience and in the experience of every other writer or editor I’ve spoken to: The more high-tech and sophisticated the computer, the more it distracts us from actually getting some writing done.

What about you? Do you use a laptop or a desktop? Or both? My wife and I each have a laptop (hers is a Gateway with less memory but a slightly faster processor than mine, for no particular reason) that we work on. We have an ancient desktop which has too little memory to effectively run Windows XP and do anything else. We use it simply to run our printer to and network to the printer via our wireless home network.

Do you prefer the least system and software possible to allow you only to write? Or are you an “Internet junkie” and love all the bells and whistles with your computer? Tell us, please.
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