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Batty distractions hinder writing, if we let them

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Just pray that door hardware holds. Those rusty hinges and that loose latch are all that stand between us and them.

Oh, sorry. Got distracted for a minute there looking around our old house. You see, over the last three decades, we’ve done annual battle during warm weather with a colony of bats that keeps returning to the crawl space/attic area between our roof and the upstairs rooms of this 100-year-old plus house.

As a result, I think about things like, “Where in the world are these little devils getting from the roof into the house?” and “If that aging door or door hardware blocking the upstairs stairwell from my downstairs writing area, the little spawn of the devil will come shrieking on nasty black wings right into my lap.”

All right, I’ll admit there are a multitude of circumstances and reasons keeping the bats from coming back. There’s a world of preventive measures and just plain reason holding them back, besides the closed upstairs door. But still, sitting here working alone in a house occupied only by me, our aging cat, and maybe a reinvigorated bat colony — well, all that stuff becomes a major mental distraction from the writing I need to do. Nevertheless, I put my stubby fingers on the keyboard and rattle along anyway on most days.

What sort of distractions hinder YOU from your writing?

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