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Be specific when you pick a domain name for affiliate marketing

Be specific when you pick a domain name for affiliate marketing. Try not to use a domain for an affiliate marketing website that which is too broad, too general.

One of the affiliate marketing sites I run is related to baby stuff and general stuff for kids. And the real problem I have trying to write content for this site is exactly reflected in that statement: baby stuff and general stuff for kids. It is so widely defined that it really isn’t a niche site at all — it’s a general sort of online shopping mall.

Unfortunately, online shopping malls are not a great choice these days if you want to try to make money doing affiliate marketing. Unless you’ve got a loyal following of visitors already looking to shop at your “mall,” it’s difficult to draw traffic away from so many big-name “offline” merchants who have websites, such as Target and Wal Mart to name the biggest. I would be better served, I suppose, to set up a site for baby carriers, baby strollers, kids’ outdoor play sets, children’s back packs, or something more specific.

But, having bought the domains that are pretty general rather than specific niche names, I feel I should develop what I have.

I mention all this as a sort of object lesson for any of you who want to do affiliate marketing online — look for domain names that are pretty specific, pretty tightly targeted to a specific niche of products and services people are seeking online.

Of course, I can’t suggest a domain name for your niche website. It must be something you want to work with based on your interests and ideas. But when you’re looking for a niche in which to do affiliate marketing and/or sales of any sort, try to be as specific and unique as you can.