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Benefit from keywords in titles when you add a blog to a website

What can you do to benefit from keywords if you already have a website and want to add a blog? You already have a name for your website, you already have a domain name, so how can you use keywords in the new blog in ways that will draw traffic?

You can set up a subdomain or simply a subdirectory on your website to put the blog in — and make the name of that subdomain or subdirectory some relevant keywords, instead of just “blog.”

You’ve seen websites with blogs I’m sure, and almost always the website navigation simply had a sidebar link or navigation menu link that says “blog.” Why not say something like, “Product News and Reviews” instead of “blog”? Chances are, if you are adding a blog to a website, you are going to use it for information or news related to the main blog. As a personal example, I have two or three affiliate marketing websites that display various merchants’ products and try to “entice” or encourage people to click product links on my website, go to the merchant’s website, and buy that product.

Since blogs are a good way to draw search engine “bots” to your website, I have set up blogs on some of my affiliate marketing sites. In one case, I named the blog “Newest Merchandise,” and I use it to post product reviews and links on individual merchandise I add regularly to the site. In another case, I named the blog “News & Reviews” and I do something similar there.

Of course, the full name of the blog isn’t just “News & Reviews” it’s “News & Reviews About xxxx,” but the link to the subdirectory I have the blog in shows on the main site as “News & Reviews.”

No, this stuff isn’t rocket science. (My son is a bona fide “rocket scientist” with an aerospace engineering degree, and he assures me it isn’t rocket science.) There are no rules that you must follow to set up a blog or a website. There are no guarantees that anyone will ever come to your blog or your website.

But if your writing life involves blogging and/or website content, you might want to consider some of these ideas and modify them to fit your particular interests and skills set. You’ll probably find ways to do far more and do it better than I if you just work at it.
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