Big tip for Internet writing — write for people, not for search engines

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This is purely my opinion, based only on what I “feel” and my personal experience: My big “tip” for Internet writing is to write your content for PEOPLE, not for search engines.

Not many years ago, everything about writing content for blogs and websites became sort of a “game” to see how you could fool Google or Yahoo or MSN search engines into ranking your sight highly for keywords you knew would draw customers, draw profitable advertising, or whatever. For example, if you were selling personalized baby gifts on a website, you would try to use the keyword phrase “personalized baby gifts” as often as you possibly could in the site header, the site headings or titles, and some people would even make sure “personalized baby gifts” was in every paragraph of content on their site.

See how ridiculous that becomes? It becomes awkward and very artificial for any people who visits such a site. Not only that, Google and the other search engines (to be honest, for sending quality traffic to a blog or website, Google is still almost the only one that counts) soon got wise to the trick. The magic of Google’s algorithms (I really can’t explain what that word means or how it works) soon began to detect artificial, “keyword stuffing” done on websites. The sites were either ranked very poorly when found, or sometimes actually deindexed. I had a site deindexed early in my online career because I didn’t realize what I was doing. Different story for a different time.

So, you really want to find and retain customers, readers, or whatever type of traffic to a website? Focus mainly on putting unique, quality content on the website. Sure, keywords are important and will be important to your success. But I’m talking about keywords that come naturally to the subject and content of your site. Try to write to the people who come to your site, not the search engines. If you simply imagine the person you think will come, based on your own interests and web browsing habits, you’ll have far more success than if you keep trying to stuff keywords.

2 Responses to “Big tip for Internet writing — write for people, not for search engines”

  1. Chris says:

    The Internet is becoming more about building community. A way to rise above the spam, maybe?

  2. Gary says:

    I really hope you’re right about that. There definitely seems to be a turn toward community as opposed to isolated, commercial websites. Indeed, I think blogging sort of opened the doorway to community on the Internet, with later developments like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, HubPages, and many other sites advancing what blogging began.

    As for the spam — I’ve never been able to understand why on earth spam “works” or whatever. Why do people buy from spammers? Why do people continue to respond to spam? Why won’t it just GO AWAY??

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