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Call this a writing challenge if you wish, or perhaps an exercise

The last article I put up here had to do with doing massive amounts of online writing as a career choice, or as part of an online career choice. I mentioned someone I know at a forum who writes thousands of words of online content daily to earn money.

Here’s a little challenge or exercise for you, perhaps to see whether you’ll like writing online content, or whether you can do so quickly. I have absolutely no prize or reward to give you. I just offer a scenario for you to try.

Let us suppose you’ve been contacted by someone with a website about skin care products. He’s given you the words “treatment for severe acne” and told you he needs three 400 word articles that use those words somewhere in each article. Specifically, he wants you to use those words or some combination of those exact words in the title of each article and in the first and last paragraphs of each article.

You have three hours to write the articles and send them to him as text files attached to an email.

Here’s what I’d like you to tell me:

1. How would you start the project?
2. Where would you research for information to use in the three articles?
3. How would you vary the keyword phrase for two of the articles?

Give it a shot if you want. I won’t offer any prizes, although I’ll publish any comments you want to leave us suggesting how you would handle the three questions I’ve posted above.

Above all, I want you to at least think about this stuff if you’re at all interested in writing on the Internet. Unless you stumble into some lucrative gigs, most of the online writing available on a regular basis involves this sort of writing — and did I mention, the payment for such articles is usually disgustingly low??