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Can you make any real money writing online ‘reviews’?

I’m sure you’ve seen various pitches on various “make-money-online” websites telling you how you can make good money writing reviews for their website or other websites. So, what’s been YOUR experience with such things? Can you make any real money writing online “reviews” of some sort?

Or, to broaden the question, have you found any way to make serious, steady money writing for any online endeavor(s)? Whether that’s reviewing home decor products, writing supplement reviews, writing articles for email newsletters, posting articles on various article directory sites, or whatever.

Have you managed to make any steady income from your writing talents and desires online?

I actually DO know a few online acquaintances who are making steady income at sites such as textbroker.com and demandstudios.com. Both of those websites offer opportunities to get paid very small per-item fees for writing articles, usually 300-500 words per article, on topics webmasters are seeking content for. BUT — Neither site pays very much per article. It takes a great deal of research and writing in some very specialized areas to do their assignments. (There is a sign-up and approval process for both sites before you get an opportunity to accept an assignment.)

But the big “write reviews to make money online” push you may get email about is generally a scam.

Or is it? Anyone with positive experiences of making money writing reviews care to leave a comment and tell us about it?