‘Category’ or ‘genre’ — is the language leaving me behind again?

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That’s the problem when you get to be an Old Bald Guy Writer — it’s easy to get behind on the language usage curve. Namely, I just went to another “writing tips” website and saw what I’ve always called “genre” now being called “categories.”

Seems fine with me. I think speaking of writing a “category novel” works just as well as writing a “genre novel.” I pretty much dislike the concepts of “genre novels” anyway, but I understand why the publishing industry, especially its marketing genre (how you like that one, eh??), uses the term. Various similarly themed novels can be discussed and approached better if they are in categories — I mean, in genres. Actually, if you look up “genre” at the Merriam-Webster website, you’ll find words like “categories” and “kind” used in the discussion of the word.

So, how do you use the term? Any editors out there who feel strongly or not-so-strongly about referring to genres and genre novels as categories and category novels? Tell us, please.
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