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Published my first Kindle ebook for writers: 200 Original Story Prompts

I recently published my first Kindle ebook, and it’s aimed at fiction writers. The book is “200 Original Story Prompts to Jump-Start Your Writing,” and you can buy a copy from Amazon’s Kindle ebooks by clicking on the linked title.

200StoryPromptsCoverOr, heck, you can wait until Sunday, June 9, 2013, and pick up a free copy during the special 1-day promotion that day. (You can use the same link then.) Let me tell you a bit about this little book and why I, obviously, think you should get a copy and why I, again obviously, think it will be very helpful to all fiction writers. (For all I know, it may be equally helpful to nonfiction writers, but I’ve aimed it specifically at fiction writers.)

Not a workbook or book filled with writing exercises, “200 Original Story Prompts” offers exactly what the title suggests — plus a little bit more. I have written 200 specific story/writing prompts to poke a creative finger at your personal Muse and encourage her/him to take flights of fancy into the realm of characters, plotting, and all those good parts and pieces that make up telling or writing a good story.

Those starters/prompts are divided into five distinct categories or types: 1) Story Element Sets, 2) Story Openers, 3) Story Closers, 4) What If?, and, 5) Story Titles. Those categories or types of story prompts are pretty self-explanatory, except maybe for what I’ve called “Story Element Sets.”

Story Element Sets are sets of three disparate story elements that I’ve listed and that you are encouraged to let you mind play with and come up with a story structured around them. Here’s an example (taken from the book itself) to show you what I’m talking about:

32. A Ford Mustang, one golden slipper, a broken window.

Your writing goal would be to let those three elements of a possible story rattle around in your head creatively and come up with a story that would use all three elements. (Can you think of a Cinderella-like story here? I can.)

You’ll notice that the example I gave is numbered — specifically it is number 32 of 40 sets of story elements. The book contains 40 specific, original story prompts under each of the five categories. And, as sort of a “bonus,” I’ve thrown in five “writing tips” ranging in length from 450-1400 words. These “writing tips” in most cases are rewritten and expanded versions of some of the articles I’ve posted to this website over the years.

I’m proud of this little book. I say “little” because it’s just under 11,000 words in length (about 22 pages as a Word document before conversion to Kindle). But little or not, I genuinely believe you can find some useful story prompts here to, as I’ve said in the full title “jump-start your writing.”

So I encourage you to go to Amazon and take a look at the book, look through the sample there, and buy a copy. Use my ideas to make your own creative juices flow. Combine them, rewrite them — or even use them exactly the way they are in the book — and write some wonderful fiction that’ll make us all proud of you!

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