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Writing for the Internet is indeed a fragile proposition

Two things happened over the weekend that illustrate the ups and downs of freelance fortunes — especially if your freelance writing involves doing much business on the Internet.

First, I got “Google slapped” as it’s become known: The Google Page Ranking of one of my blogs dropped to zero. That’s a big “0” — as in zilch, nada. As it happens, that particular blog is a “moneymaker” for me on which I do paid blog posting. It represents a significant source of income. Now that the Google Page Rank has tanked, the opportunities for paid blogging have fallen also.

Secondly, we’re currently going through a serious ice storm where I’m living, and my Internet access is pretty iffy with a lot of ice coming down and thunder booming around (what a privilege to live in the Ozarks). Well, what can I say? Even things like the space program and airline departures suffer from the outrageous changes in the weather.

It has been a real learning experience for me this past weekend, with Google slapping me down and with the threat of ice knocking out the power even as I type this. My best advice for you would be this: Don’t rely solely on writing for the Internet for your income. Keep the day job, or at least open up a number of streams of income.

Now if I could just persuade Google to lift that Page Rank back up …
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