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Useful tips for using AdSense on your website

One of the ways you can make at least a bit of money through your Internet writing and blogging work is to use Google AdSense on your site.

If you haven’t yet heard of AdSense or signed up for an account, you need to go here to the AdSense site and find out all about the program.

If you’ve already got an AdSense account and use AdSense, you can spend literally hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours reading every “guru’s” eBook and special tips about how to make money with the program. In the process you can waste a ton of money and time — I know this to be true because I’ve been there and done that.

What’s the answer? Trial and error, and extensive reading on the Google AdSense site and blogs, as well as many free blogs and forums out there. Do NOT spend a ton of time or money on all the latest get-rich-quick-through-AdSense silliness.

Here’s a useful starting point to get some helpful hints about using AdSense to make money online. It’s a free video, and it’s done by the Google AdSense Australian team — not by the latest gurus-of-the-moment. If you get past the Australian accents (grin) there’s a world of helpful info that’s perfectly adaptable to any AdSense supported country/website. Hope you find something helpful here:


Features of newest WordPress 2.6

Here’s a short video from the WordPress people about the newly released version 2.6. I’m always personally a little hesitant to upgrade too quickly to any version of any software I own. I’d rather let other folks try it out for awhile to help get any major bugs out of it. But this newest WP […]

My Western blog project has been reborn — have a look, but be gentle

I posted here a couple of days ago regarding a writing project I felt compelled to abandon because of possible copyright problems. I “killed” the “Tales of the Old West” site which I’d never done much with. But out of that death came rebirth (does the term “Phoenix” sound familiar?), and this new project is […]

Killing a writing project can be like murdering an old friend

I love reading and writing about the “Old West,” that part of American history related to westward expansion, settlement, and “rip roarin’” cowboys and the whole works. You’ll remember from some earlier posts on this site that I’ve even been working (irregularly) on some “Western” novels. Just a few minutes ago, I had to kill […]

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