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Two important tips for making money writing for the Internet

Whether you’re building a website or adding posts and pages to a blog, there are two important tips you must keep in mind.

1. Your content must focus on words people are searching for in Google, Yahoo, MSN Live Search, and the other major search engines. That means you cannot ignore that old idea you’ve heard of, I’m sure — keywords.

For example, if you want people to reach a blog post or website page you’ve built to offer “term life insurance quotes,” you cannot focus your writing on something as general as “term life insurance” or “how to find insurance quotes online.” Those might be important material to include in your writing. But you will fail if you focus the article/website/blog/whatever on them. The primary keywords you need to have in the title of the page/post, and in your first paragraph, is “term life insurance quotes.”

2. Your content must focus on the fact that PEOPLE are doing the search — ultimately, the search engines are just the tools.

That may sound contradictory, but there really is good sense involved here. You cannot simply string together the words “term life insurance” in some nonsensical fashion, or pepper them repeatedly in every sentence or paragraph on your website. That might get you a “high ranking” in the search engines (though Google and the others are learning to filter out such word stuffing). But even if you’re highly ranked because of such a technique, people who come to a page or blog post that’s nothing but gibberish or has no real content, will simply hit the “Back” button on their browser and try another search.

Optimize your blog posts and pages for specific, practical keywords that you, as a real person, might search for. Then add legitimate content to them so that people who come there will want to buy your product, or click your links, or — especially this one — bookmark your site and come back again and again.
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