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Changes coming to improve the look and usability of this website

This is a quick “heads up” about the work I’m going to be doing in the next few days on this website.

Yes indeed, it’s time for a new look. Same excellent, sparkling content, but a new “skin” on the old blog. I’ve located a couple of nice looking WordPress “themes” — that’s what they call the layout and design for sites using WordPress software — and with about three days of back breaking work I should have one of them in place. I’m leaning toward one which randomly cycles through large horizontal photographs at the top of the page. Should I choose that theme, I might even invite you, dear reader, to send me digital photos to display on the site as part of the random graphics.

So if you pop in and out of the site over the next few days and see it suddenly change from one style to another while you’re visiting — don’t be alarmed. Chances are that means you hit the site just as I was tweaking it.
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