Delaying launch of Squidoo lens business for one more week

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I am delaying the launch of that Squidoo lens business for another week. Due to some illness, too much other work, and just plain “other stuff,” I haven’t gotten the lenses written and ready for my initial offerings yet. (I’m writing about that post last week concerning my Squidoo lens sales plans.)

I am willing to sell the last lens I created, “Give a Green Gift for the Holidays,” for $75.00. It’s optimized for SEO around the main keywords “green gift giving,” with numerous secondary and long-tail keywords such as “green gifts for the holidays,” “green living,” and others. (Feel free to go there and take a look at it for yourself, of course.)

Admittedly, it has a short “shelf life” for the current holiday season. It’s primarily aimed at Christmas shopping, but it also makes constant reference to “gift giving” and “gifts for the holidays,” so it should continue to draw traffic year around and as prominent holidays approach.

If you’re interested in buying that particular lens, just contact me through the “Contact Us” form at this site. When I get your email address and request, we can swap email on the payment (I take PayPal only for payment) and transfer procedures to make the lens yours.

And if you are simply interested in additional lenses when I have them made and things are rolling, check back here regularly. I anticipate officially “launching” the business a week from tomorrow, otherwise known as Monday December 22, 2008 — just in time for the “high holidays.”

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