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Do know about ‘EzineArticles.com’? You should check out the site

It just occurred to me that, in my eagerness to bring you frequent “Useful Websites,” there are some fundamental sites for writers that I’m missing. So let me remedy that right now with this one — “EzineArticles.com.”

If you are at all interested in Internet writing, you’ve probably already found ezinearticles.com. But just in case you haven’t, I wanted to direct you there today. If you’re already familiar with the site, you should go there and look around frequently, because there’s always plenty of fresh content coming in from eager Internet authors.

That’s both the good and the bad of the site: Plenty of content comes in each day from people who are eager Internet authors, but not always good writers. To their credit, the founder and editorial staff at ezinearticles.com work hard to maintain a level of literacy and quality not found on many article submission sites. The task isn’t very easy, because too many people who cannot write even a little bit try to get articles accepted there.

The way this works, for those of you who don’t do “article marketing,” is to write an article on a subject related to what you’re marketing. Make the goal is to make that article both keyword rich and content rich. In the case of ezinearticles.com, you put an author’s “bio” box at the end of the article with links to your website on which you are trying to sell something. Once the article is accepted and listed, the hope is that webmasters will go to ezinearticles.com, snatch up a copy of your article to use on their website, and include — as strict terms require them to — your author’s bio with links to your site on their website. Assuming all goes well, visitors at their websites (which you hope will amount to the hundreds and thousands) will go through your author’s bio to YOUR website and buy your widgets or whatever you’re selling.

I personally have found the best use of ezinearticles.com is not to get website content, but simply to get ideas. I use information I find there to stimulate the old brain and to provide anecdotal info to help me research ideas for stories and blog posts. As with everything on the Internet, you are wise to take “expert” or “authoritative” with a grain of salt. But it is an excellent source of ideas.

Stay tuned for some follow-up thoughts in future posts regarding article marketing as a viable source of income. Does it work? How would you use it to make some bucks with your writing?

For that matter, if any of you out there are using your writing skills to market successfully by writing articles on the Internet, I would invite you to share tips with us by commenting on this post. That would be great.
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