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Do you ever write ‘how to’ books or articles? How?

Do you ever write “how to” books or articles? How do you go about structuring your material? Have you ever tackled something like this which required a lot of research? Or do you limit your “how to” writing to something you’ve actually done and have experience at?

I suspect the best “how to” stuff is grounded in experience in most cases. If I had to repair or install ceramic tile in my kitchen or bathroom, I would feel more confident following instructions from someone I knew had installed or repaired it. I would, of course, expect lots of pictures — and I would be very happy to watch a video or two, too.

I am confident as a writer that I could create a quality “how to” on just about any topic or procedure, if I had quality materials and people to help me with the research. But I would still feel as though I were “faking it” if it were something I had not done myself.

What about you? Have you written any “how to” stuff you’re especially pleased with?