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Do you include photos, graphics in your writing?

Do you include photos or graphics in your writing?

I come from a non-graphic, non-photography background, so much of my writing in the past, and my blogging in the present, centers on words, not pictures. Although I’ve enjoyed taking photos in the past and still do when I see something I like, photography has never been part of my writing career.

Certainly with the explosion of digital photography and the huge range of nicely priced digital cameras, we can now all be photographers, photo journalists, etc., and easily make pictures part of our writing careers. When you consider the incredible quality of many smartphone cameras, too, it makes great pictures a snap. (Pun intended, especially for you older writers out there.)

I can’t imagine starting a writing career of any sort these days without buying and learning to use a good digital camera or camcorder. (Are they even called “camcorders” anymore?) Here’s a little tidbit I picked up for those of you planning to do travel or outdoor/adventure writing: Camcorders (or whatever) mostly use hard drive features similar to computers for processing/storing/whatever the digital images — and hard drives will not function reliably above a certain altitude.

My son does a lot of hiking and makes an annual trip to Colorado to climb their “Fourteeners” (if you don’t know it, Google it). He’s in the market for a good camcorder that uses flash memory storage because most of the mountains he climbs are above the altitude for effective hard drive image storage. Or something like that.

So, do you include photos, graphics, any sorts of images in your writing? I can’t see any way you can have an effective career in this day of image/picture-oriented writing. Get a good camera and get started.