Do you Squidoo? Go take a look at this fascinating community

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Do you Squidoo?

Has a funny sound to it, I know. But if you use or visit Squidoo, you’ll know how interesting the place can be. They have “experts” and would-be experts on just about anything you might want to know. And the beauty of Squidoo is that anyone can go there and create a really nice web page FOR FREE.

You don’t even need to know any sort of “coding” or programming to create a Squidoo “lens” — their odd name for a page. It’s all done with modules that allow you to sort of copy-and-paste what you want, then add content about your subject and — you’ve got a web page.

I would highly recommend that you look at Squidoo (just put “” into your browser and it’ll get you there) if you want to get involved with writing on the Internet.

Here’s a bit of a “preview” of things to come in my life and with this blog: I’m learning some ways to use Squidoo for my writing career. Go there, take a look around, and if you like what you see, within the next month or so I expect to be creating Squidoo “lenses” for sale.

3 Responses to “Do you Squidoo? Go take a look at this fascinating community”

  1. Tipi says:

    Interesting blog. I will looking for your lenses on Squidoo. What name will you be going by on Squidoo, so I can find your lenses?

    I love to Squidoo, been doing it since June of this year. It takes time to develope the lenses into something really great that readers are looking for. But, it is easy, fast, fun and FREE! And, I’m learning a lot from the Giant Squids., Angels, and others.

    Some of my favorite lensmasters are JaguarJulie, AndyPo, Poddys, Triathlontraining, jeffwend, coopd, Joan4, ChefKeem,
    Bradshaw, Recession-Proof, spirituality, CaptainSquid, SethGodin, bdkz…I guess I could go on. I have a lot of favorites that support me and have been good friends to me, and I love my friends & fans on Squidoo.

    My Best Wishes,

    P.S. I have a link to your blog on one of my lenses.

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks, Tipi, for the input on Squidoo. I confess I’m eager to get more done. I’ve actually got two very OLD lenses written. Both are overdue for updating.

    I envision the day when I’ll have several hundred lenses and several hundred HubPage Hubs, and …

    Okay, well, maybe not HUNDREDS, but good to have high hopes, eh?

    I’m not that creative about user names and such. I’m “gaspeer” there — my first and middle initials plus my last name. The two very old, in need of updating lenses I have up there are Top Gear to Take on Overnight Hiking Trips and Find the Best Packs for Bikes and Biking.

  3. Tipi says:

    Pretty cool lenses. I gave you 5*’s on each of them and signed your guest book, favorited them both, and did a lens roll for each to: Trail Map of Voyageurs National Park, because they relate well to the topic.

    You are a wondeful find! And, I’m now a fan of yours, too.


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