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Do you use Internet reference tools? What are some of your favorites?

It’s been called the “information Superhighway,” but I’ll bet that most of us barely scratch the surface of information and research tools available online when we do our writing. I invite you to share your favorites with all of us.

I had a conversation awhile back with a young woman who admitted that she rarely went on the Internet except just enough to take care of what her job requires — that her husband was quite a “techie” at using the Web, but she was frightened and frustrated about the whole thing.

Her job was banking, not writing, but her attitude is probably just as common among many writers.

At a minimum, writers ought to have one or two good reference tools bookmarked or saved as a favorite in their browsers. I would personally recommend Merriam-Webster Online as an excellent dictionary site, for starters. And another a very interesting site that offers a ton of links to good resources is Reference Desk. I think Reference Desk used to be much better in its free version, having become somewhat cluttered with ads these days. Another very good location for reference links to about anything you might need as a writer is LibrarySpot.com.

Check these out. Perhaps you already have good online reference and research sites, but these might be of interest to you.

I wish you happy and successful writing for the new year. Now get busy and write something to make us all proud.
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