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Do you write ‘full-time,’ or do you also have a ‘day job’?

Do you write full-time for a living or do you also have to rely on some sort of “day job”?

I am fortunate enough at this point in my life to be able to tack together enough income between Social Security Benefits (yes, I really am getting old), my wife’s income, and the stuff I do online that I currently have no day job. That’s both a blessing and a curse: We don’t have much flexibility in our income and budget, and I’m not the most self-disciplined person in the world when it comes to working.

But getting back to the point I want to make in this article: If you rely on a day job but your passion is writing, then you need to find ways to bring the two together. If you use a little imagination and a lot of courage, there are ways you can shape your “career” so that it includes your writing.

The younger you are when you start this, as in your educational goals and accomplishments, the better things will work out. If I had to do my career over again, I would focus first on some sort of money-making training for a quick way to pay the mortgage, school the kids, etc. (Today’s options hold some wonderful possibilities I never knew of. One I heard of recently is “BPI certification,” a way of making money helping companies and corporations design “green” facilities.

My education came at a time when all the “smart” people were majoring in either one of the sciences or liberal arts. Only the less intelligent or even “troubled” kids went into vocational training. That was a horrible attitude to pick up and spread through any educational system.

In your educational world, there’s a premium on a good auto mechanic, someone who’s a medical technician, and a wide variety of so-called “trade school” career choices common in my younger days.

Get a day job that you’ll enjoy and that’ll take care of the finances. And at the same time, you can use every bit of education and experience in your life as seed for your writing.

Now get busy and write something today that’ll make us all proud of you.