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Do you write ‘how-tos’? Exactly how do you do them?

If you want to find lots of online writing opportunities, I recommend you look for sites that publish lots of “how-to” articles, then contact them and ask whether they accept freelance submissions. With a bit of searching, you can even find a couple of websites that offer steady work for people who like to write “how-to” articles and are good at it.

My question for you would be — how do you write “how-to” articles that are interesting and effective?

I would suspect the number one skill needed to write good “how-tos” would be the ability to think logically through a task step-by-step from start to finish. And thinking about this, I recalled an idea my son had as a child. He decided, without asking us or even telling us (“us” being his mother and me) his plans, to put a small pond in our backyard.

But he obviously hadn’t thought it through step-by-step from start to finish. His plan went something like this:

1. Dig a hole the size of the pond he wanted to build.
2. Fill the hole with water.

Of course, a serious backyard pond involves much, much more, from some sort of lining or material to fill the hole in the ground before adding water, to installing pond pumps to circulate and clean the water, and many other factors.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, he dug only a small hole before hitting some serious jumbles of good old Missouri Ozarks rocks and abandoned the project.

So how do you write “how-to” articles? Leave a comment and let us know your take on the matter.