Do your research, planning skills as a writer benefit your ‘real-life’ experiences?

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I guess the title of this article is sort of an odd question, so let me explain a bit about what I’m asking.

A family member came by last night and recounted his adventures and misadventures in the stock market over the last two years. Surprisingly, though he is very smart and very careful with his investments and his money in general, he did poorly. That’s not really a surprise, I guess, because the recession we’ve been going through has smacked a lot of investments silly.

But one of his buddies at work made, during the same time frame, a nice piece of cash investing in the same stock market.

All of this is to explain my musings as he and I discussed all this. I was reminded of how my writing skills, particularly my research, planning, and plotting skills, carried over into my “real life” situation some years back when I did a lot of study and then some cautious investing myself. Only I was messing around with the commodities futures market (wheat futures mostly).

Those musings reminded me of one thing: I almost literally lost my shirt trying to “invest” in commodities futures, regardless of any study, research, planning, or plotting skills I may have as a writer. Those writing skills and thought processes absolutely DIDN’T “carry over” into my real-life investing decisions.

Heck, when it comes to commodities futures, let’s call it what it really is — gambling, not investing.

I learned in shocking fashion why jobs in finance were never a serious part of my career goals as a lad!

And if there’s a moral to this sad little personal tale, it might be: I can write pretty well and even make a bit of income off my writing skills, but if there’s any real carry over or transfer of those skills into real-life investing, I haven’t a clue what it is in my case.

How about you? See what I’m getting at now? Have you found any real-life situations where you believe your writing skills, personality, and/or experiences as a writer have been of direct benefit? Leave a comment and tell us about it, please.

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