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Does your blog target worldwide web or is it more local?

I have to ask all of you who blog regularly: Does your blog target the Worldwide Web (www), or is it more of a local blog?

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff recently from some blogging “gurus” (I do NOT consider myself such, although I do a lot of blogging) lately who suggest that the way to make good money blogging is to focus on local blogging, as opposed to a blog aimed at everyone on the Internet. By way of explanation: Your blog may be aimed at a target audience of everyone buying, selling, or investing in real estate — or, it could be targeting Wilmington, NC real estate.

In the first case, you might offer real estate investment tips that apply nationwide (even worldwide?). In the second case, you might offer specific property or Realtor listings and investment tips to the good folks in and around Wilmington.

Those gurus I mentioned above are suggesting that the real bonanza market for bloggers is to offer local advertising and local search results based on your specific knowledge and contacts right where you live, be it Springfield, Missouri, or Wilmington, North Carolina.

I would be curious to hear from any of you bloggers out there who are indeed targeting a local audience. What sort of things do you blog about? What sort of things are your local readers interested in? And from the perspective of any of us seeking to monetize our blogs — have you had success with a local blog making money from local advertising?

Leave a comment and let us know your opinions/experience at local blogging, please.