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Don’t ignore seasonal writing opportunities, seasonal deadlines

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I’m reminded of that Bible passage in Ecclesiastes: “To everything there is a season.” One of the basic facts of writing, whether online or offline, is that readers enjoy seasonal stories/articles — and so do editors. Those general seasons of the year, autumn, winter, spring, and summer, are a great background for anything you’re writing. And specific, widely observed seasonal holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc., especially attract readers and often provide a good slant to use when approaching editors.

If you’re blogging or especially if you are creating affiliate marketing websites, you want to pay special attention to seasons and seasonal deadlines. For example, any affiliate marketing you do — whether you’re merchant partners sell shoes or pet food or popcorn machines — you need to put the Christmas shopping season at the top of your list of deadlines. In the case of online marketing, that means you’ll need to have your websites pretty well put ready and in product-update mode by as early as September 1, and certainly no later than October 1. Otherwise, you can’t hope to draw enough web traffic to take advantage of all the online holiday shoppers.

If you’re submitting seasonal articles or fiction to print publishers — magazines or books — you must remember that most editors and publishers work as far ahead as a year or more. It may not be easy to “think snow” in mid-April or late-May where you live. But if you want to offer a snowstorm story to a magazine or book editor, you probably won’t get the interest in November you would get in April.

Take advantage of editors’ and publishers’ seasonal needs. Take advantage of seasonal online shopping patterns. Enjoy writing for all seasons, no matter the season (or weather) where you live.

Now get busy and write something today to make us all proud.
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