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Drugs top my list of funniest sounding made-up names

I love to play with odd looking, odd sounding words. When it comes to such words, made-up names for drugs — legitimate pharmaceuticals, I’m talking about here — top my list of the overall funniest sounding and often the funniest looking. (I won’t even get into how strange advertising gets for such drugs as viagra, cialis, enzyte, and other male enhancement drugs. Who knew side-by-side bathtubs could become such a symbol in our pop culture?? I didn’t.)

I ran onto a fascinating article awhile back from “The New York Times” titled “The science of naming drugs,” or something like that. The writer interviewed drug company PR people as well as some high-powered New York ad agency folks. His general conclusion was that drug makers select names with lots of “x” and “Y” and “Z” sounds because they look good in print, are sounds people like, and are sounds associated with science, science fiction, and general innovation.

Maybe there’s something to that. I just know I’ll always enjoy drug names. And, since I’ve studied a tiny bit of Latin and had two years of Greek in college — I love to twist my tongue around the generic names for a lot of drugs. It always sounds really impressive at parties.

What are your favorite made-up or invented names — or invented words in general? No need to restrict this to drug names, either. Leave us a comment and let us share the fun.