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Earth to Me: Make up my mind on a site theme, please

Okay, yeah, I know. If you come here regularly, you’ve seen the basic look and “feel” of the site change several times in recent weeks. Heck, you’ve seen it change a couple of times in the last hour — you do come here at LEAST two or three times hourly, don’t you??

I confess, I spend far too much time looking for the perfect website theme. I’ve almost found what I like in the current theme. It’s a 3-column theme called “Silhouette” by Brian Gardner. (There are links to the theme and to Brian’s website in the footer of each page.) I like the layout of the theme, and the colors. I especially like the way it seems to load more quickly in my browser than some of the themes I’ve been trying.

For those of you out there who have blogs or websites of your own, do you go through some frustration looking for the perfect site theme or design? Or is it just me??

Anyway, sorry for any confusion you might be experiencing on regular return trips to the site. I’m still here. The stuff I prattle on about is still here — but the appearance probably will change from time to time. I’ll try to stick with the current theme a bit longer, so as not to give you video whiplash each time you visit.

Although, there’s this other really spectacular theme I just found, with frigate ships and huge billowing sales, so, uh, maybe …

5 Responses to “Earth to Me: Make up my mind on a site theme, please”

  1. Kayecee says:

    ROFL Poor Gary! I feel your pain. I just gave POD For You a makeover a few months ago and I’ve already been working on another one. Always searching for the next great theme…. 🙂

    Brian Gardner is absolutely faboo. I have his Lifestyle theme at my gourmet site and the Office theme at some of my t-shirt sites. Did you see his new Agent theme he released today?

  2. Gary says:

    Yikes! I’m hoping, Kayecee, to someday be as rich and successful as you, then I can buy some of Brian Gardner’s professional themes. Alas, for now I have to stick to the freebies.

    But, yeah, his themes are great. I just looked at his Agent theme and some of his other pro/for-sale themes. Really nice stuff.

  3. Kayecee says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Rich and successful…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah…. dat’s funny… 😀

  4. Cujoe says:

    Man, have I been there and done that Gary. Fretting over the “perfect” theme, thinking I’ve found it, then..bam…I’ve found another “perfect” theme.
    I purchased one of Brian’s Revolution WP themes a few months ago. Really nice theme and I’ve enjoyed working with it.

  5. Gary says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard all sorts of good things about that Revolution WP theme. I only have two problems with that and similar themes, 1) I’m too broke to buy a theme, and, 2) I’m not sure I’m bright enough to figure out how to use all the features.