Enjoy an interview with one of my favorite authors, Lawrence Block

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Here, enjoy an interview with one of my favorite authors, Lawrence Block. I discovered this on YouTube:


If you’ve not read any of Block’s books, I highly recommend them all. The hit man series he speaks of in the interview above is one of his best, but he also has a series about a bookstore owner who’s a highly successful burglar, and a series about an alcoholic ex-cop.

I’ve met Mr. Block several times when he’s been on book tours. Quite a few years ago (1982? 1984?), my wife and I attended a seminar he was doing around the country for wannabe mystery/crime writers, called “Write for Your Life.” I had the pleasure of pairing up with him for a couple of the group writing exercises he did at that day long seminar.

I also highly recommend you go to YouTube to view a video of Block being interviewed by Craig Ferguson on an episode of the CBS Late, Late Show from last summer. That one’s highly entertaining and well worth a look.

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