Enjoy this clip of an interview with writer John Grisham

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I saw this interview with John Grisham on “Today” yesterday and I thought you’d enjoy a look yourself. There were some interesting things about Grisham’s writing and his creative process.

Go take a look at the interview for yourself, using the link above to the “Today” website and video. I have no idea how long they keep those videos up, so if you want to see it you might want to look at it soon.

I was especially impressed by the laid back attitude Grisham had toward a daily writing schedule. He apparently sets no daily goals for pages or numbers of words he writes. Indeed, he says he writes in a journal and/or sketching his writing plans pretty much daily, but that he doesn’t necessarily write on a specific book or project on any daily basis.

He also says he generally writes a novel starting every April and finishing around Thanksgiving. Not too bad a plan for the year, is it? Hmmmm …

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