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Exciting to see many writing, publishing options available online

Back in those stirring days of yesteryear, opportunities for a writer to be published were much slimmer than they are today. It’s exciting to see how many types of writing and publishing are going on these days. You aren’t limited now to magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and various theater/film/television venues.

There are a wealth of online publishers, as well as the ease of setting up your own website or blog, looking for writers. The bad news is that much online writing pays little or no money. Nevertheless, you can indeed make some income online.

What really blew me away was a recent feature on “The Today Show” about some middle-aged magazine editors who lost their jobs and were starting over working as unpaid interns simply to learn how to write and publish online. That amazed me because, in a day when vocational school classes and courses are available almost in every city in our fair land, why would anyone need an unpaid internship to learn how to blog and/or publish content online? Why not instead get a “real” job outside the publishing industry to pay the mortgage, and take vocational school classes or even free classes at a public library to learn online publishing and blogging? (Our public library system offers classes periodically for those wanting to become Internet and blog savvy, as I think many systems do.)

Anyway, here’s a salute to the way publishing and writing are changing. It may be a stretch for some of us Old Guys to keep up, but in the end the freedom and “democratization” of publishing brought about by the Internet is going to be an exciting world in which to live, don’t you think?