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For all you affiliate marketers — time to think spring, isn’t it?

I’m aware that many of my readers are involved in affiliate marketing — many of them of the product kind, rather than the “information” kind of affiliate marketing. (I hang out at a major forum for folks who market “real” products and merchandise through their affiliate sites, NOT “how to get rich” stuff.) I, like many of them, are working hard right now to put winter behind us and start stocking our “virtual store shelves” with outdoor and home and garden products.

If you haven’t yet gotten all the snow and ice cleared away and gotten in the mood for selling spring stuff — garden gnomes, yard trimmers, tulip bulbs, sundials, wall fountains, all that stuff — you may already be too late for the big sales. For, as freelance writers have to think seasonal thoughts far in advance of the season, affiliate marketers have to get those seasonal links up there in advance of the season. Since Google controls much of the traffic affiliate marketers need to tap into to make money, you must make sure Google has the time to do its quirky thing and index your spring and summer links now.

So get busy. Do your writing, do your link building, and do your page building for spring. And summer.