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For beginners: Never relay one your spill checker

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Get it? Get it?? I hope you know that headline was a bit of sarcasm I threw into print to make a point. You do see my point, don’t you?

Spell checkers may be nice for quick cleanups if you’re in a rush. But never rely on them. Simply put, spell checking software doesn’t detect a misused homonym. You do remember homonyms, right? Those are words which are spelled the same or sound the same but are spelled differently. Spell checkers also fail to distinguish anything about word usage.

That was the point of my corny title up above there. The words “relay,” “one,” and “spill” are real, legitimate words. They just aren’t the words I needed in the title for it to make sense. Yet they are words which, typing quickly, I might inadvertently use by mistake (steak?).

Anyway, you get the idea. Do everything within your power to proofread (or hire a good proofreader) what you write. Never rely completely on your spell checker.

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