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Forget your computer for now — how about writing with a pen?

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Remember waaaaay back there in the distant past when writers used such tools as paper, pens, and pencils? (No matter what you may have heard, I am NOT old enough to remember working with a quill or stylus and wax tablet.)

Even today there are serious, successful professional writers who prefer writing their manuscripts longhand. I saw something like that about a recent Pulitzer winner on “CBS Sunday Morning” just a few weeks ago.

Nothing wrong with writing longhand with pen or pencil and paper, if that’s what you prefer. Unfortunately, most of my writing presently is blogging — and it’s hard to blog on paper. So I’ve become accustomed to using a keyboard and computer to write. That make’s it seem sort of awkward or “unnatural” for me to use a pen and paper. Besides, I’ve spent so many DECADES typing on a typewriter or computer keyboard that my penmanship is horrible. I can almost no longer read my own handwriting.

So, my “writing tip” for you today: Schedule some writing time at least once or twice this week to work with pen or pencil (or crayon?) on paper. You may find that simpler, more “intimate” writing practice resonates for you and increases your productivity. If not, it’ll probably make you more appreciative of your computer and keyboard.

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