Freelancers’ plea: Fix health care in America, please

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Let me make a special, quiet little plea on behalf of freelance writers, editors, and other self-employed “word people” everywhere. This is directed at President Obama (I doubt he reads this blog, but you never know who’s reading it, do you?) and his administration’s efforts to reform health care in America. Here goes:


Thanks. I feel better now.

I brought that up because for more than two years now, I have been without health care. My wife and I made the decision that I would quit the “day job” and devote myself to various blogging and affiliate marketing projects that seemed to be “taking off” at the time. Things, of course, have not gone as well as we’d hoped, and there’s simply no way I can afford health insurance. (Sure, I try to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and I take a variety of daily nutritional health supplements ranging from multi-vitamins to flaxseed oil.)

Just last week, I went to a free stroke risk screening at a local hospital, and discovered that I need to see a doctor about high blood pressure. When I explained I have no family doctor and no health insurance, the nurses at the screening hooked me up with a local “sliding fee scale” clinic. I’ve got an appointment for Friday morning, and that will be my first visit to a doctor or clinic since I quit that “day job.”

I won’t sermonize or preach or rant (though if you come here regularly you know I do all three from time to time) except to add this: We already spend the billions (perhaps trillions?) of dollars in America necessary to make a “universal health care” system work — we just don’t get the health care we’re all paying to get. So, let’s hope things do indeed get better for everyone in this country regarding health care. And, personally, I hope all those vitamins and supplements I’ve been downing every morning have been some benefit. Guess I’ll find out more on Friday.

3 Responses to “Freelancers’ plea: Fix health care in America, please”

  1. On A Side Note says:

    So, just to make sure I understand what you are saying, you want the rest of us to pay higher taxes because you voluntarily gave up health care to persue your own interests?

    How is that fair to the rest of us? Am I misunderstanding your comment?

  2. Gary says:

    Hey, good to see you here.

    No, I want a health care system that is fair and reasonable to everyone, including you and everyone else financing health care in America. As it works now, if I or anyone else who is without health insurance, faces an emergency (or even a non-emergency) and goes to a hospital — everyone “pays” for it in one way or another.

    On the one hand, we have laws requiring hospitals and doctors in ER care to deal with emergency care for anyone who seeks it. The legal fiction behind that seems to be something about everyone deserving ER care. On the other hand, we keep health care costs so radically high thanks to insurance companies and their bureaucrats and medical companies and their bureaucrats — that many of us simply cannot afford health insurance on our own.

    Think of it this way: If the only way I can afford basic, necessary health care is to be required to work for an employer who offers such health care, is that not sort of like “indentured servitude” for the working classes of America? Or is it pursuing my own interests?

    It’s been often said that we pay for the world’s best health care in America, via out-of-pocket, insurance premiums, taxes, whatever — we just don’t receive it.

  3. On A Side Note says:

    Hmmm, or maybe, you should not quit your job until you have made arrangements for adequate health care. That is not indentured servitude – that’s being careful. I would argue, as well, that if we actually expelled the 12 million illegal aliens living on the backs of everyone else who is footing the bill, our health care system would be supreme.

    Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens cross our borders for that sole purpose – to receive health care. Would you mind letting me know how many U.S. citizens slipped over to Mexico for free health care last year? Canada?

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